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We have been registering purebred dogs since 1964.

Being a dog owner is incredibly joyful and rewarding. Dogs are very cute and sweet, and you already know that they make wonderful companions for people of all ages. Owning a dog is also a major responsibility when you consider that a dog needs regular vet visits, exercise, training, and affection. Your responsibility only increases when you own a purebred dog.

Purebred Registry

As a responsible owner of a purebred dog, one thing you may be interested in doing is registering your dog with us at the National Kennel Club. Our purebred registry accepts all breeds of dogs, and it is the best way to maintain your purebred dog’s bloodline and protect its pedigree. When you register your dog with us, you are able to have a reliable record of your dog’s ancestry. In addition, registering with us qualifies your dog to participate in a variety of dog-related sporting events and shows that are great fun for the entire family.

Our purebred registry exists not only for dog owners’ benefit, but also for the improvement of purebred dog breeding. If you are a breeder, we encourage you to register with us at the NKC, so you can show others that the purebred dogs you breed meet the necessary standards.

We have been helping owners and breeders register their purebred dogs since 1964, so our experience and the time we have spent developing relationships has enabled us to stand out from other kennel clubs. With us, you can count on quick service, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our purebred registry.

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