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NKC Hunt Information

The NKC would like to announce we have set up a Watchdog Committee to handle protests that may arise from an NKC Sanctioned hunt. A written protest must be sent in along with a $50.00 protest fee. If your protest is upheld, your filing fee will be returned to you; however, if the protest committee agrees with the decision at the hunt, the fee will be forfeited. The following are members of the Watchdog Committee:
Don Bonsett

Danny Nichols

Mike Smith

Kelly Thomas Portteus


NKC Breed Clarification

We have been made aware of breeders crossing Walker and other types of coon dogs with curs & feist and then registering these dogs as feists or curs. All club’s should go by breed standards when taking new registrations. A Clubs has the right to refuse entries of a dog if they to not meet the breed standard even if they are NKC registered. The NKC will look at each case that is reported to the NKC office.

The National Kennel Club would like to announce the appointment of our Squirrel Dog Division’s Board of Directors: Click for Contact information for the Board.

Effective October 16th, 2006 any club that holds a State or Big Hunt where all dogs hunt together and the top 3 open dogs are awarded 1st places wins and the top 3 Champion dogs are awarded wins must have a minimum of 30 dogs before the 3 top placement’s will be awarded. We are sorry for any confusion this may cause, but some Clubs have held these types of hunts will a small turnout out allowing dogs that were not worthy of a high placement to be awarded.
If you have any questions, contact the NKC office at 865-932-9680.

Squirrel Dog of the Year

For the 2020 hunting year the National Kennel Club will be honoring the Squirrel Dog of the year again. The 1st place prize will be $500.00, 2nd place $300.00 and 3rd place $200.00. Points are awarded as following:

1st place – 10points 2nd place – 9 points 3rd place – 8 points 4th place – 7 points 5th place – 6 points
6th place – 5 points 7th place – 4 points 8th place – 3 points 9th place – 2 points 10th place – 1 point
Champion win
7 points Grand Champion win 7 points Super Grand Champion win
7 points