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American Bulldog Information

NKC American Bulldog information and registration rules

At the National Kennel Club, we help dog owners register their purebred dogs to protect their pedigree and qualify them for the many events and competitions we sanction. The American Bulldog is one of many breeds we register here, provided they meet the requirements we will discuss below. Continue reading for important American Bulldog information.

American Bulldog Information

To register your American Bulldog with us at the NKC, the dog must be strictly 100 percent American Bulldog. The 7/8 rule does not apply here, and any breeder who attempts to introduce other blood into the breed will not be eligible to register their American Bulldog.

If your American Bulldog was not registered from a litter with us, we do allow single registering of the dog as long as the correct documentation is provided to prove its pedigree. We also accept single registering of American Bulldogs that were previously registered elsewhere.

If your dog does not meet our requirements, you have the option to petition our office by filling out an application and providing photos of your dog from the front, sides, and back. We will then submit your application to the American Bulldog Board for review.

Fast Facts About the American Bulldog

We have been assisting dog owners with registration since 1964, and we are proud of the personal connections we have made with them. We would be happy to provide you with more American Bulldog information and tell you all about our services. Contact our office today to ask us your questions and receive additional American Bulldog information.

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