Fast Facts About the American Bulldog [infographic]

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The American bulldog is a strong, energetic breed that was originally bred to assist with various farming tasks. Despite the breed’s tendency to have good health and a friendly temperament, there are still some common misconceptions and myths about the American bulldog today. Therefore, our team at the National Kennel Club is here to give you some fast facts about this wonderful breed.

Fast Facts About the American Bulldog

  1. They’re often described as “gentle giants.” Although some adult bulldogs can weigh over 100 pounds, these dogs tend to be very loyal, good-natured, and affectionate toward their families. They can be a great fit for energetic families, families with children, and families with other pets.
  2. They require lots of exercise. Historians estimate that American bulldogs were first brought to the U.S. by farmers and ranchers in the 1800s. These dogs were used to guard and protect properties, control and herd livestock, and hunt feral pigs. Since they were bred to work hard on a daily basis, modern American bulldogs need plenty of enrichment and exercise to stay healthy.
  3. Early socialization is crucial for American bulldog puppies. The breed is characterized by its playfulness and intelligence, but there is a protective streak that can lead to aggression if dogs aren’t socialized at a young age. American bulldog puppies should get the chance to meet a variety of other dogs and go through obedience training to help them gain the confidence and skills that they’ll need later in life.
  4. American bulldogs don’t require much grooming. American bulldogs have very short coats, so they only need occasional brushing to keep their fur sleek and shiny. Bathing is only necessary when they’re noticeably dirty or smelly.