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American Bulldog General Information

NKC American Bulldog Information

The National Kennel Club will not register an American Bulldog that is not 100% AB. The 7/8 rule is not allowed for single registering a dog. The American Bulldog has been an estabilisted breed and any breeding trying to add new blood into the breed will not be registerable. We will single register an Amercian bulldog that was not registered from a litter with the NKC, however the pedigree/bloodline must be submitted with proper documentation.
Clubs that host American Bulldog Shows now have the option of hosting a Junior Champion Class.
A win will be awarded for this class and dog of the year points will be awarded.

Effective immediately any American Bulldog that is being single registered must have either been previously registered by another registry or it must be inspected. Any dog that does not meet the requirements for registration can petition the NKC office for registration by submitting a completed application along with several pictures front, back and both sides. Those applications will be forwarded to the American Bulldog Board for verification of breed and possible registration.

If as as puppy you show your American Bulldog in either the bully or standard class then before the dog is a year old you realize that the dog should have been shown in the other classas a puppy Once an Amercian Bulldog has been shown in either the Standard or Bully Show ring at a show it has to stay in that class.

NKC American Bulldog Announcements

The National Kennel Club does not sanction Catch Dog events, nor will it sanction Conformation Show in conjunction with these event.

Any Club wishing to hold an NKC sanctioned Show must summit proof of insurance along with the show application for the show to be scheduled.