Beagles are wonderful dogs, and we encourage you to register your purebred beagle with us.

While the origin of the beagle is obscure at best, many sources state that they were bred in 16th-century England for hunting purposes. Specifically, beagles were meant to hunt hares in a sport known as beagling. The modern breed we are familiar with today seems to have come about in the 1830s in Great Britain, and it was around the 1870s when several of them were imported to the United States for breeding. These beagles are believed to be the models for the first American standard.


Beagles look like small foxhounds with their strong, sturdy bodies and dome-like heads. Their muzzles are medium in length and square-like, and beagles are also known for their large eyes and floppy ears. They have short, typically tricolored coats that are shades of black, white, and brown. They stand somewhere around 13 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh around 20 pounds.

Beagles are wonderful dogs for families. They are incredibly lively, affectionate, friendly, cheerful, and lots of fun for kids. They get along well with people and strangers, and because they were bred to be in packs, they also get along well with other dogs.

If you own a purebred beagle, we encourage you to register your dog with us at the National Kennel Club. Registering with us not only protects your dog’s pedigree and promotes good breeding practices, but it also allows your dog to participate in a variety of fun events and shows we sanction here. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Beagles in Blaine, TN
Beagles in Tennessee