Everything You Need to Know About Registering Your Dog [infographic]

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Since 1964, we have preserved the sport of breeding purebred dogs. At National Kennel Club, here are a few reasons to first, add your dog to a national registry and second, choose our registry for your dog.

Everything You Need to Know About Registering Your Dog

Reasons to Register Your Dog

There are several reasons why you should register your purebred dog:

  • A role in the future of dogs—We support the proper and ethical breeding of purebred dogs. When you register your dog, you can ensure breeders continue to adhere to proper breeding standards for the betterment of dogs.
  • Ability to participate in sporting events—When you add your dog to a national registry, you open up the ability to participate in different sporting events.
  • Eligibility for earning titles—To earn titles at dog sporting events and other designations, your dog should belong to a registry.

Reasons to Register with Us

There are many reasons why adding your dog to our registry is beneficial for both you as the owner and your dog:

  • Longstanding reputation—As mentioned, we have been registering purebred dogs since 1964 and have established our registry as the one dog owners across the country prefer.
  • Registry of all purebreds—We register all types of purebred dogs, and even if your dog is already on another registry, you can add it to ours.
  • Professional sanctioning—We sanction a variety of all-breed dog shows, including events for fox dogs, bird dogs, squirrel dogs, coon dogs, and beagles.