Four Benefits of Dog Registration

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Dog registration is a vital part of encouraging responsible breeding and making sure owners have essential information about their pets. At National Kennel Club, we make it easy to register your dog. Since 1964, we’ve strived to preserve proper purebred breeding, promote competition, and license shows that celebrate our four-legged friends.

Four Benefits of Dog Registration

Here are a few reasons why dog registration is important and how it can benefit you and your dog:

1. Traces Pedigree. Dog registration includes keeping track of purebred dogs’ ancestry to make sure they have a legal and well-known lineage. This historical data gives breeders more information to help them choose breeding pairs, which results in healthy litters with a broader range of genes.

2. Adherence to Breed Standards. When you register your dog, you receive valuable information about what a breed should look like and how it should behave. This knowledge allows you to focus on your breed’s unique qualities and features.

3. Increased Responsibility. When breeders and owners register their dogs, it encourages responsible ownership. This means giving the dogs the proper care, socializing them, and teaching them. Our organization encourages owners to care deeply about the health and happiness of their dogs, giving them the best life possible.

4. Access to Records. Dog registration records help you find out about a dog’s family tree, find its brothers and children, and keep track of any health information. This ability to track animals is helpful for breeders, owners, and vets because it helps them make intelligent choices about breeding and health care.

Dog registration is an integral part of changing the way purebred dogs are bred and gives owners valuable information. We register all types of purebred dogs, even if your dog is currently registered with another agency. We also sanction all-breed dog shows and offer your dog the chance to earn titles and more. Contact us today to learn more.