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Treeing Tennessee Brindle

Breed Standards for the Treeing Tennessee Brindle

Color: Brindle or Black and Brindle trim (small amount of white on breast or feet not objectionable)

Head: Dome flat, wide between eyes, heavy muzzle, short or medium ears set high, eyes dark prominent, expressive

Body: Deep broad chest, back straight and strong, tail medium length, coat smooth

Legs: Straight, muscular, well set for speed, dewclaws permitted

Feet: Cat paw type, strong and well arched

Height: Males at shoulders: 18” to 24”

Females at shoulder 16” to 22”

Weight: In proportion to height

Voice: Open trailers with changeover at tree. Coarse chop preferred

Characteristics: Strong treeing instinct, desire to hunt, good scenting power, fast hunters, intelligence, alertness and companionship

Treeing Tennessee Brindle
Treeing Tennessee Brindle