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Treeing Feist

Breed Standards for the Treeing Feist

Body: Keen to slightly stock body
Ears: Short ears, slightly hung down, flopped and straight acceptable. Cocked ears are very desirable
Muzzle: Long muzzle, keen
Legs: Good strong legs; bench legs acceptable
Tail: Full length tail; stub tail will not prevent registration
Color: Black, white, tan, red, yellow to lemon, or any variation of foregoing colors
Height: Males: 10” to 18” Females: 10” to 17”
Weight: 30 pounds maximum
Coat: Good coat of hair, short. No extremely long or shaggy haired dogs
Gait: Free gait, hunt with eyes and ears alert
Voice: Virtually silent on track
Characteristics: Shall tree squirrel or coon; game must be seen

Treeing Feist
Treeing Feist