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Treeing Cur

Breed Standards for the Treeing Cur

Ears: Down – small to medium in length. DQ- erect ears or prominent hound ears. Cropping ears to change from hound appearance will result in Disqualification.

Eyes: Green, blue and brown acceptable. Brown being the preferred color.

Teeth: Strong, not over or under shot

Voice: Open, semi or silent on track with good change at the tree.

Body: In proportion to height and body structure

Color: Any color variation acceptable with the exception of a dominant hound.

Height: 18 to 26 inches

Weight: 30 – 60 pounds

Legs: Straight and muscular

Feet: Cat feet preferred

Tails: Any length

The Treeing Cur should be small to medium in size. The head should be broad with moderate stop. The muzzle should be shorter than the length of the skull. The Treeing Cur must show more characteristics of a Cur than Hound. If a dog is registered as Treeing Cur and has the characteristics of and dominant hound apperance it can be refused entry from all cur & feist type events.

Characteristics: The Treeing Cur must show strong treeing ability in the hunting area(s) of squirrel, coon, boar, bear or cat. Their hunting ability must prove them to be more than just an average dog. They should hunt with their eyes, nose and ears.

Treeing Cur