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Standard Schnauzer

Breed Standards for the Standard Schnauzer

General Appearance: A robust, sturdily built, heavy-set dog of square proportion

Head: Eyes oval with long eyebrows, which should not impair vision; Head strong, rectangular, and long; Ears set high; carried erect if cropped; V-shaped and mobile so they break at skull level if uncropped

Color: Pepper and salt or pure black


Weight: male: 40-45 lb; female 35-40 lb

Height: male: 18.5 – 19.5”; female 17.5 – 18.5”

Gait: Its stride is quick, powerful and ground covering

Coat: Hard, wiry, and thick, with soft undercoat. Its hallmark whiskers, mustache, and eyebrows add to its alert, spirited expression

Temperament: Bold, lively and fun-loving

Standard Schnauzer