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Standard Poodle

Standards for the Standard Poodle

General Appearance: Tall and stately stance, squarely built with an air of elegance and dignity.

Head: Flat cheekbones on a rounded skull with a slight but definite stop, give this dog a lean and well chiseled look. The dark almond shaped eyes are set wide apart with an alert intelligent expression. The abundantly feathered, long, wide ears are set low and hang close to the face.

Body: Well proportioned with the shoulder blades well laid back, the forelegs are straight and muscular as are the hind legs. The back is short and straight. The chest is set deep with well sprung ribs. The high set tail is carried erect. The tail is customary docked to a moderate length, so as to give an overall balanced look.

Color/ Coat: The abundant, dense, rather harsh textured coat may be any solid color. Parti-colored (two or more colors) usually disqualifies a dog for a

show. As the poodle does not shed its fur, it needs regular grooming and Clipping.

There are four styles of clipping commonly used for show dogs.

1) Puppy clip

2) Sporting clip

3) English saddle

4) European Continental clip

The nose, lips, and eye rims are dark, but vary in accordance with coat color.


Females: 22-24 inches // 45-65 pounds

Males: 24-26 inches // 45-65 pounds

Temperament: Good natured, lively, intelligent, friendly and very loyal, the Standard is usually the healthiest variations of this breed. Toy: miniature: Standard

Standard Poodle