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Skye Terrier

Breed Standards for the Skye Terrier

General Appearance: The Skye Terrier is a stylish and elegant dog. It is solidly built, with substantial bone, and twice as long as it is tall.

Head: Medium-sized, close-set eyes; Head long and powerful; Ears, if prick: placed high, held erect; if drop: larger and set lower

Tail: Long, well-feathered, preferably carried no higher than backline

Color: Black, blue, gray, silver, fawn or cream, preferably with black ears, muzzle and tail tip. Adult color may not be present until 18 months

Gait: Its movement is free and effortless.

Coat: The hard outer coat and close undercoat afford protection from the teeth of its quarry as well as harsh weather. The outer coat lies straight and flat, 5.5 inches or more in length

Size: Weight: 18-20 lb; Height: male: 10”; female: 9.5”

Temperament: It is also a mild-mannered house pet.

Skye Terrier