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Redbone Coonhound

Official NKC Redbone Coonhound Standards

These standards were adopted after considerable debate among Redbone Fanciers in the hope that the Redbone could be improved. It is hoped that bench show judges and the breeders will take these standards and work to make the Redbone more pleasant to the eye, to improve field work making a better hunter, trailer and coon treeing breed.


General Appearance & Coat 10

A medium sized hound in color, (small amount of white on feet & chest is permissible. Coat short & slick but dense enough to protect against briars & brush.

Head & Neck (teeth, muzzle, eyes, ears) 15

Ears set moderately low & extending near end of nose. Neck medium in length slightly arched, held erect, a slight fold below jaws is permissible. Teeth should be even with no overbite or under bite. Muzzle well balanced moderately broad, never dished or upturned. Eyes set well apart, dark brown to hazel with dark eyes preferred.

Front Quarters (chest, shoulders, front feet and legs) 15

Chest should be broad & deep with ribs well sprung to allow plenty of lung space, shoulders well rounded & muscular with straight legs and well arched cat paw feet directly under shoulders indicating speed and endurance.

Hind Quarters (hips, back, back feet & legs and tail) 15

Hips & thighs should be well muscled and strong. Back slightly arched, a little taller at shoulders than at hips showing well muscles. Back feet and legs-rounded cat feet set directly under strong and straight back legs. Tail is of medium length, carried gaily, with slight brush.

Special Characteristics of Breed 15

A dog of medium size, red in color (white on chest or toes permissible), short slick coat, males 22” to 27” weight from 50 to 70 pounds: Females 21” to 26”, 5-10 pounds less. If well balanced slightly taller, shorter, heavier, or lighter, should be considered a minor fault.

Gait and Movement 15

A lithe swinging gate indicates speed and endurance. A gait that permits long hours of hunting, and trailing game. An awkward or shuffling gate is a serious fault, indicating weak feet, arches, or legs.

Temperament 15

Energetic, active, bold & trusting, affectionate towards owner, suitable for hunting alone or in pack, strong treeing instinct. Excessive shyness or fighting is a serious fault.

Total Points 100

Redbone Coonhound
Redbone Coonhound