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Paws bill

There is currently a US Senate & House bill being backed by certain organizations claiming they want to better the dog (and other animals) breeding industry. The Senate Bill 1139/House Bill 2669 also known as the PAWS Bill (Pet Animal Welfare Statute), will not better the dog/animal industry instead it will impose USDA regulations on individuals who only breed dogs for the love of the animals and not for the profit. There are already rules in place to regulate the industry of dog breeding for profit. Commercial breeders already have to be licensed by the USDA and follow USDA regulations and guidelines. This bill wants to require breeders of dogs (and other animals) who breed and whelp 7 or more litters in a year or sell 25 or more animals commercially to be licensed by the USDA and follow USDA rules concerning breeding and selling animals for profit.

If you own dogs, and then co-own other dogs with a partner, it could be very easy for you to have 7 litters in one year. You would then be required to register with the USDA, follow all USDA rules and regulations regarding breeding of animals and be subject to the USDA inspection at your home.

The NKC is asking all of their dog owners to contact their local Senators and Congressmen asking them to vote no to PAWS bill. Below are the links to the home page of the US Senate and US House of Representatives please take the time to visit both sites to find your local representatives and ask them to simply vote no to either Senate Bill 1139 or House Bill 2669 .



Thank you,
Del Morgan
President & CEO
National Kennel Club