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Old English Bulldogge Standard

Appearance: Medium size dog, powerfully built and showing great strength. Weight for males 60 lbs and up. Females 50 lbs and up. Height at shoulders for males 17’ and up, females 16” and up. It should be alert with a symmetrical well-proportioned body. The dog should be cobby, but have the appearance of an athlete.

Temperament: Friendly, but fearless adversary to anyone who threatens his master or property. Unfriendliness to strangers isn’t a defect, although it’s unusual.

Head: Large in proportion to body and square. Deeply sunken between eyes, extending up forehead. Moderately wrinkled. Jaw muscles large, lower jaw turned up and protruding. Bite squared, but undershot. Large tusks. Eyes low and wide set. Forehead flat. Muzzle short and broad. Flews semi-pendulous. Ears may be either rose or button and should be set high and wide. Dewlap will have two folds.

Body: Neck should be short and nearly as wide s the head. Shoulders very broad and muscular. Front legs may be slightly bowed or straight. Ribs well rounded and chest wide and deep. Back short, slightly roached and strong. Belly well tucked up. Thighs very muscular. Rear legs neither pigeon-toed or cow-hocked. Tails must be straight.

Coat: Short, close and medium fine.

Color: Brindle of red, gray, or black. Brindle spots on white. Solid white, Fawn, red or black solid or with white. Pink noses and pink skin around eyes are undesirable, but not a disqualification.