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Official NKC Breed Standards for the Mountain Cur

This breed standard was established by the Mountain Cur association in the hope that breeders, judges, and owners would be especially careful to breed only those dogs that meet this standard and would continue to improve the Mountain Cur.

  1. Color: Black, Brindle, Yellow, Blue, White markings permissible. White not to be more than one third of total color.
  2. Head: Wide with short muzzle sculptured in clean lines without Jowls or excess flesh on the sides or under the eyes or temples.
  3. Lips: Medium thickness, firm of line fitted neatly without folds at corners.
  4. Nose: Square rather than round with nostrils well opened.
  5. Teeth: strong, white and adapting perfectly in a scissor bite.
  6. Eyes: Set well apart with the inner and outer corners in a straight line, large well opened and calm never narrowed or slanted colors brown or dark.
  7. Ears: attached high and firm at base, medium length and full control when alert.
  8. Chest: Broad and deep with moderately curved ribs not too rounded.
  9. Neck: Strong and well constructed.
  10. Back: broad and strong, never swayed or roached.
  11. Legs: Well muscled with strong boned, straight and parallel to body.
  12. Feet: Strong and rounded being slightly oval in shape. Pads well developed compact and elastic. Toes strong, well arched, and compact.
  13. Dew Claws: Not required but preferred with one or two on each rear leg, placed low on leg giving a wider ease of the foot. Ideally dew claws function as extra toes.
  14. Tail: Medium length, well feathered or natural bob tailed.
  15. Voice: Open or semi open on track preferred with good chance over at the tree. Silent trailing accepted.
  16. Coat: Outer coat smooth or rough, but not wooly. Undercoat fine and light.
  17. Height males 18-24 inches: Females 17-22 inches.
  18. Weight: Males 45-60 pounds: Females 40-50 pounds
  19. General Appearance: Vigorous and alert, powerful and strong in bone and muscle, exhibiting the strength and ability required in a hunting dog.
  20. Characteristics: Strong treeing instinct, on all game, courageous fighters, intelligent, easy trained, retaining a high degree of ancestral instincts such as running a track with head in air, tracking style much different than hounds but faster.

Mountain Cur Show Points Awarded: In NKC License Shows

  1. General Appearance and Coat 10
  2. Head and Neck (teeth, jaws, muzzle, ears, and eyes) 15
  3. Front quarters (chest, shoulders, front legs, and feet) 15