This breed standard was revised January 1 1987 for the purpose of improving Leopard Curs. This standard offers the breeder, buyer, and show judge a guide to help in keeping the Leopard Curs similar in nature and appearance. The Leopard Cur has been for the purpose of a dog that works well on coon and large game such as bear and wild boar. The leopard runs to catch and is not satisfied to just trail game.

Show Points Awarded Are:

General Appearance and Coat 15 points

A medium to large type cur, showing shorter ears than the hounds. The Leopard Curs can come in five colors with any mixture of the colors and white. Colors include: Leopard spotted, black, brindle, yellow, blue or gray. If the coat is over 1/3 white in color there is a serious Breeders are more interested in the hunting and treeing ability. The coat is usually dense but smooth with a rough outer coat. A few are born with a heavy coat and flag tail, this is not a fault.

Head & Neck (Teeth, Jaws, Muzzle, Ears& Eyes) 15 points

The head should be broad with the ears wide apart and eyes well set. The head should never show to be the bulldog type. Muzzle of medium length and well proportioned. Jaws heavy and well set indicating strength. Teeth should be straight and strong with neither an over bite nor under bite. Eyes should be well apart and round in the general appearance. Being brown, white or glass in color. Ears should hang freely, not flopped nor cocked and be well covered with hair to protect against briars and the weather.

Front Quarters (Chest, Shoulders, Front Feet and Legs) 15 points

Heavy and well muscled with front legs well apart and ribs well sprung giving lots of heart and lung space showing strength and stamina. Front legs straight and strong on well-arched feet, cat footed. A coon foot is a fault.

Hind Quarters (Hips, Back, Back legs and feet) 15 points

Back should be broad and heavy muscled, neither hump backed nor swayed back. Hips should be strong and well muscled. Hind legs straight into well arched feet. Dew Claws permissible. Tail may be long or short. (No preference given on tail.)

Special Characteristics Of Breed 15 points
The Leopard should show great confidence in the owner, be neither timid nor over aggressive. Should work well with other dogs and work to please owner. Should have a chop or yodel on trail and chop on tree. Size: Ma1es 50 to 70 pounds with the females 45 to 65 pounds. Height should be appropriate to size, not tall and lanky.

Gait & Movement 15 points

Dog should move in a free-swinging movement showing strength & endurance with head and tail carried high. Jerky or awkward gait is a serious fault.

Temperament 15 points
The Leopard Cur should appear bold, confident, trusting with the master. Neither too shy nor aggressive with people or other dogs, and making no attempt to fight dogs or to bite people.