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Jack Russell Terrier

Standards for the Jack Russell Terrier

General Appearance:

Exuberant compact, active, small-to-medium lively looking little dog. The body is slightly longer than tall. Regardless of the size of the dog, the legs must be long enough to allow the dog to move quickly and with agility in rough terrain.


The skull is somewhat flat and wide with a slight stop and a tapered muzzle. The dark nose is button like. The deep set, almond shaped eyes are dark in color with a perky expression. Teeth are comparatively large, and evenly spaced. The small V-shaped ears are set high. Falling forward the tips is almost level with the eyes.

Forequarters: Long and sloping shoulders which are laid back and clearly cut at the withers. The forelegs are strong, straight, and moderately well boned.


Compact yet strong with a level back. The chest is narrow, the loins lightly arched. The legs although short have rather muscular thighs. The short tail is carried high.

There are three coat types Rough, Broken and Smooth:
Rough Coat is a double coat that consist of a short under coat and a wiry outer coat. These types of dogs will have hair over their eyes and on the muzzle that will form a beard. The wiry coat will not be to long that it changes the appearance of the dog.
Broken Coat is a coat that is between the rough coat and the smooth coat, the outer coat is closer than the rough coat but longer than the smooth coat, and this type of coat may or may not have the hair over their eyes and muzzle that forms the beard.
Smooth Coat is a smooth short flat coat.


Predominately white with markings of black and/or tan. The nose and lips are black


Females: up to 11 inches // 10-14 pounds

Males: up to 11 inches // 10-14 pounds

Gait: Effortless, smooth, powerful and well coordinated.


This high-spirited, feisty, and spunky, yet loyal dog makes for a great guard dog as it tends to be highly excitable. As this breed seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy, it benefits greatly for vigorous exercise. Aggression towards anything other than legitimate quarry detracts from the dog’s ability as a working terrier and should be discouraged as much as possible.