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Jack Russell Terrier

Standards for the Jack Russell Terrier

General Appearance:
Exuberant compact, lively looking little dog.

The skull is somewhat flat and wide with a slight stop and a tapered muzzle. The dark nose is button like. The deep set, almond shaped eyes are dark in color with a perky expression. The small V-shaped ears are set high. Falling forward the tips is almost level with the eyes.

Compact yet strong with a level back. The chest is narrow, the loins lightly arched. The legs although short have rather muscular thighs. The short tail is carried high.

Both varieties: 1) Smooth, short hair 2) Long, rough coat are predominately white with markings of black and/or tan. The nose and lips are black

Females: up to 11 inches // 10-14 pounds Males: up to 11 inches // 10-14 pounds

This high-spirited, feisty, and spunky, yet loyal dog makes for a great guard dog as it tends to be highly excitable. As this breed seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy, it benefits greatly for vigorous exercise.

Jack Russell Terrier