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Hogdog Letter

To All American Bulldog Members & Clubs,

I have received 2 phone calls from 2 different Federal Agencies in Washington DC concerning the American Bulldogs and Hog Catches. The American Bulldogs are in danger of being labeled like the pit bull dogs were or they could be facing Federal regulations.

As the owner of the National Kennel Club, we will not be a part of destroying this great breed. We do not force anyone to hold shows likewise we can not stop any club from holding hog catches; however, we can and will bar any person or organization from National Kennel Club events that hold’s, participates or attends these events. There will be no exceptions.

The National Kennel Club has worked hard to help the American Bulldog members, but I will not allow this company to be labeled in a negative light for a few shows. The American Bulldog is at a major crossroads we must all do what is necessary to make sure to choose the right path in order to preserve this wonderful dog.

Thank you,
Del Morgan
Del Morgan
President & CEO
National Kennel Club