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Our dog registration club encourages responsible breeding.

It’s no secret that dog ownership brings a lot of joy. Your canine companion may fill a role as your protector, your adventure partner, or your best friend. We know that dogs bring value to homes and families, and at the National Kennel Club, our dog registration club is designed to provide dog owners with helpful resources.

Dog Registration Club in Blaine, Tennessee

Our dog registration club has members here in the Blaine, Tennessee area and throughout the country. We also have decades of history behind us. In an effort to support and maintain proper breeding practices, we are dedicated to helping our clients register their purebred dogs.

Today, many other dog registration clubs only register specific breeds. Unlike these clubs, our dog registration club registers many types of dogs. We also provide kennel license certifications. Additionally, we sanction all-breed dog shows and events for squirrel dogs, American bulldogs, bird dogs, beagles, fox dogs, and several other breeds.

By operating our dog registration club, we encourage responsible breeding practices, so we can help protect these unique dog breeds. On our listing registry, we recognize all known purebred dogs.

Whether you want your canine companion to participate in sporting events or want your dog to join an upcoming hunt, we encourage you to join our dog registration club. For more information about the many benefits of the dog registration process or to join our registration club, reach out to us today.

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