Official NKC Breed Standards for the Chihuahua

General Appearance and Coat Points 10
A very small dog weighing from one to six pounds with an average weight from 2 to 4 pounds. Height should be 6″ to 9″. Ears erect when alerted but flaring to about 45 degrees when relaxed. Coat should be soft textured, flat, or slightly curly with feathering on feet and legs. Any color accepted including blues, blacks, moles, chocolate, blonds, solids, marked and splashed.

Heads and Neck (teeth, jaws, muzzle, ears and eyes) Points 15
Well rounded head, with cheeks and jaws muscular but lean, nose short and slightly pointed, colored noses from black to pink on light colored dogs, teeth even and matched. Neck and shoulders slightly arched joining gracefully. Ears erect when alert but dropping to about 45 degrees when relaxed. Eyes full nut, not Popeye, set wide apart, black, Ruby, to light eyes in Blond colored dogs.

Front Quarters (chest, shoulders, front feet and legs) Points 15
Shoulder lean and sloping showing balance, strength, and soundness. Back level, slightly longer than that high, shorter back preferred, ribs rounded but not barrel shaped. Legs well set under chest, generally straight to small with well split feet, small feet with moderately long nails.

Hind Quarters (hips, back, back feet and legs, and tail) Points 15
Muscular with hocks well apart neither out nor in, with firm steady action, back level and sturdy denoting strength, back feet and legs straight well muscled showing delicate movement neither hare or cat foot. Tail full and long carried over back preferred but Bob tail or tailless tail or tailless acceptable.

Special Characteristics of Breed Points 15
In long coats the coat should be soft textured either flat or slightly curly with an undercoat preferred: A small graceful appearance, swift moving, saucy expression with terrier like qualities: Judges same as short coat variety except for coat.

Movement and Gait Points 15
Movement should be graceful, swift, and elegant: Tail up and head held high. Ears erect: Dog should be alert to any change to any change of directions by handler, and paying no attention to other persons or dogs.

Temperament Points 15
Very attached to owner or family members but often distant with strangers. A fine indoor and watchdog: very alert to persons entering the home or outside of home, alerting persons in side that someone is near.

Total Points 100