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Breed Standards for the Canaan Dog

General Appearance:

A medium-sized, square-proportioned dog of moderate substance that combines strength, agility, and endurance.


Almond-shaped eyes; Elongated head, wedge-shaped from above; Ears erect and set low, slightly rounded tip


Weight: male: 45-55 lb; female: 35-45 lb

Height: male: 20-24”; female: 19-23”


A double coat, with a short, soft undercoat that varies in density according to climate, and a straight, flat-lying, harsh outer coat, with a slight ruff


May be either predominantly white with mask with or without additional color patches, or solid color with or without white trim. The mask should be symmetrical and must completely cover both eyes and ears.


Intelligent, devoted, docile dog that is quite tractable and wiling to please