Get Your Dog Ready to Hunt With Coon & Squirrel Information

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If you’re like many dog owners, you enjoy hunting with your dog. And to do so, you need to ensure you’re both ready. This preparation includes forging a tight bond, training, and more. At National Kennel Club, we have valuable coon & squirrel information to help you and your dog get the most out of the season.

Get Your Dog Ready to Hunt With Coon & Squirrel Information

• Pick the Right Breed. Choosing a breed that is good at hunting is the first step. Because they naturally hunt, breeds like treeing walker coonhounds, redbone coonhounds, and feists are popular picks.

• Basic Training For Obedience. Your dog will need to know basic obedience instructions like sit, stay, come, and heel before you start training them for hunting. This will help you stay in charge during the hunt.

• Work on Socialization. From a young age, get your dog used to people, other dogs, and different places. A dog that has been trained well is less likely to act out or get scared while hunting. In addition to our coon & squirrel information, we host an annual sanctioned hunt that you might be interested in once you and your dog are ready.

• Scent Training. In addition to basic training, your dog will need scent training. Smell drags or training tools with scents can help you do this. As your dog learns how to follow smell trails better, increasing the difficulty will help them be the best they can be. Check out our coon & squirrel information for more on this topic.

• Spend Time Outside. Take your dog into the woods to get them used to the sounds, sights, and smells of hunting. You’ll also need to teach them treeing skills, including getting them to bark and circle the tree when they smell something they want to catch.

These are just a few tips to work on to get your dog ready for hunting. To learn more, inquire about coon & squirrel information from our team.