Does Breed Really Affect Your Dog’s Temperament and Behavior?

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Just like humans, every dog is an individual with different likes, dislikes, tendencies, and behaviors. While one dog may be content to lounge on their bed most of the day, another of the same breed may be eager to play, walk, and run around as much as possible, even past puppyhood.

Does Breed Really Affect Your Dog’s Temperament and Behavior?

Since dogs of the same and similar breeds can be so different, it may seem like dog breed does not play a huge role in temperament and behavior. However, through selective breeding over many, if not hundreds of generations, the traits and qualities certain dog breeds possess have continually been selected and refined, becoming more heavily ingrained.

As dogs were domesticated over the past few hundred years, purebreds have continuously been bred and developed for a certain purpose. For example, some breeds were refined for tasks like pulling sleds, herding livestock, hunting birds, or even providing simple companionship. These traits are reflected in common dog breeds today and should be a factor you consider when you bring a new dog home.

Before bringing a new puppy into your life, do your research on the breed you want and learn about the dog’s needs for mental stimulation, exercise, space, and grooming. This will help you find a dog that fits your lifestyle, whether you have young kids, are a big hiker or jogger, or like to spend your weekends relaxing on the couch.

At the same time, there is never a guarantee that your dog will behave a certain way based on their breed. But understanding breed characteristics can provide a baseline to determine if a certain type of dog will thrive in your home environment.