Can Dogs Really Be Hypoallergenic?

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Here at the National Kennel Club, we know there are many people who would love to have a dog but sadly can’t due to allergies. Countless people with dog allergies, or who have family members with dog allergies, share this conflict between what they want and what they know is best for their health, and this has led many to seek out so-called hypoallergenic dogs. Of course, some have their doubts about whether a dog can really be hypoallergenic, and that is the question we will be examining in this article.

Can Dogs Really Be Hypoallergenic?

No Dog is Completely Hypoallergenic
Dog allergies are caused by a sensitivity to the dogs’ dander (shed skin flakes). Unfortunately, there are no dog breeds that are 100% dander-free, as all mammals need to shed dead skin cells in order to remain healthy. However…

Some Dogs are Less Allergenic Than Others
While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic in the way that, say, a lotion can be hypoallergenic, there are certain dog breeds that are better suited to allergy sufferers than others. Dog breeds with non-shedding coats tend to produce less dander, which makes it easier for people with allergies to enjoy their companionship. While a complete list of allergy-friendly dog breeds is beyond the scope of this article, here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Poodles
  • Afghan Hounds
  • American Hairless Terriers
  • Bedlington Terriers
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • Coton de Tulears
  • Malteses
  • Giant Schnauzers
  • Irish Water Spaniels