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American Squirrel Dog Standard

It is the responsibility of the true breeder to see that the breed does not change so that it loses its original character due to incorrect interpretation of the Standard. The American Squirrel dog standard is a good one, with enough detail to give a good idea of what the breed should be. A knowledgeable dog person should not have a problem relating the standard to the dog as it contains the essence of the general appearance of the breed.

General Appearance: The American Squirrel dog is structurally a well-balanced, sturdy, compact, elegant, short-coupled, smooth-coated hunting dog. He is naturally vigorous and alert.
Head and Skull: Rather more elongated than short and round in correct proportion to the body. The skull should appear flat when viewed from the front.
Eyes: Neither too full nor round, neither too little nor slanting.
Ears: Erect or tipped preferred but flopped or straight are acceptable. Cocked ears are very desirable.
Mouth: Scissors bite.
Voice: Virtually silent on track with chop at the tree.
Neck: Strong, yet graceful, slightly arched, and well fitted into the shoulders.
Forequarters: Fore chest well developed and full, moderately broad, shoulders clean, sloping with moderate angulations.
Body: Back line straight, belly tucked up, ribs well sprung and deep.
Hindquarters: Should be parallel to each other and wide enough apart to fit in with a properly built body. The hindquarters should be well developed and muscular with a good sweep of stifle and their hocks turning neither in nor out.
Feet: Legs straight, medium bone, feet catlike, elbows close to body.
Tail: Preferred natural Bobtail or Docked (1 to 3 inches) but may be long.
Coat: Short, dense, smooth, and soft to medium hard.
Basic Color: The colors are white, wheaten, and red or brindle with wheaten being the preferred color.
Color, trim, and Markings: Solid white or wheaten being preferred Predominately white or wheaten with black, brindle, tan, or rust trim permitted.
Height & Weight: The height is to range from: 14-20 inches…. Weight 20-30 pounds with the average being 17 inches and 25 pounds.

Temperament: The American Squirrel Dog is generally friendly with dogs. They should be active, alert, always on the move whether hunting or playing, and responsive to owner; loyal, affectionate, faithful, and generally friendly towards people, but protective.

NOTE: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.