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Breed Standards for the Ambullneo Mastiff

General Appearance:

The Ambullneo Mastiff is a highly intelligent, unstoppable guardian. This 90’s version of the Bullmastiff comes from a breeding program started in the early 80’s comprised of breeding an English Mastiff male to a Neapolitan female where two pups from this litter were then bred to a Game Bred Pitbull. These 50/50 crosses were bred to a Bullmastiff. The result was a 45% Bulldog, 55% Mastiff cross. An American Bulldog/Pitbull was bred to a Bullmastiff producing a 70% Bulldog, 30% Mastiff cross. This was bred to the 45% Bulldog, 55% Mastiff cross to produce a 57.5% Bulldog, 42.5% Mastiff.


Weight: Male: 135-155 lbs, Female: 115-135 lbs


Colors vary from reverse gold brindle to solid black


Eye color ranges from gold to dark brown.


The Ambullneo Mastiff is devoted to pleasing and protecting their family, property and possessions. They are gentle with children and pets and enjoy their company.