Breed Standards for the Akita

General Appearance and Coat- Its double coat consists of a dense undercoat and Straight, harsh, out coat standing off from the Body, about 2 inches or less in length, provides Ample insulation from water and weather

Head and Neck- Stop well defined, eyes small and triangular, head forms a blunt triangle viewed from above, ears erect and small; set follows the angle of the neck, skull flat

Front Quarters- Cat feet

Hind Quarters- Level back, Tail curled, large, full set high and carried over Back or dipping below level of back

Special Characteristics- Any color, including white, pinto, and brindle

Disqualifications- butterfly nose or total Lack of pigmentation on nose (liver is permitted on white Akita’s)drop or broken ears; noticeably undershot or overshot; sickle or uncurled tail; Males under 25″, females under 23″

Temperament- Akita is bold, independent, stubborn, and tenacious