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NKC Sanctioned American Bulldog Judges
The Judges list has been updated with the new Intermediate Judges.  Any Judge who has not been active with the NKC in the past few years has been removed and is not longer eligible to Judge NKC events. 

If you are interested in becoming an NKC Licensed Conformation Judge  please contact our office. 
* New effective 7-29-07 To become an NKC American Bulldog judge, you must apprentice a minimum of two shows under the guidance of either an NKC Senior Judge or Intermediate Judge and pass the American Bulldog Judges Test.  After Judging 7 show's, with at least 3 shows under an Intermediate or Senior Judge you will be come an Intermediate Judge.  After judging 3 show's as an Intermediate  Judge, you will take the last test to be come a Senior Judge.  The final test is an oral hands on test of of judging an American Bulldog before a panel of Senior American Bulldog Judges.  The panel will meet as needed or at an NKC sanctioned event to test for Senior Judges.

Once a judge has competed all of their apprenticeship, taken and passed their American Bulldog Judges test they will placed on probationary period for up to 2 years.  During this time they will have a probationary license.  They will be able to judge shows during this time with out having to judge under a senior or intermediate  judge.  After their probationary period is over they will then be issued a permanent NKC American Judges license.  The probationary period is being put in place due to time past a Judge has received their judges license only to a situation arise that has caused the NKC to revoke the licensing.  




Probationary Judge ADAMS. NICK AL 334-338-2581
Probationary Judge BELL, JAMIE FL 321-536-2054
Probationary Judge BESSANT, DANNY MI  
BILES, KNOX AL 256-734-3916
Probationary Judge BRITTEN, JOHNATHAN MS 228-860-3245
CAMP, JOE NJ 856-785-0916
CAMP, TINA L NJ 856-785-0916
CASTALDI, PETE LA 318-644-5611
  COX, ROBERT NC 757-636-6699
  DIAZ, ARIEL  FL 850-545-8050
ECKLES, ERIN MD 301-587-3554
EMMELL, BOB PA 267-718-7104
FARNETI, DAVID NY 732-722-8598
Probationary Judge HUFFMASTER, KATRINA FL 850-519-3089
Probationary Judge HARE, TOM NJ 609-384-5786
Intermediate Judge KARASEK, GREG OH 440-548-2808
Probationary Judge KARASEK, MELISSA OH 440-548-2808
KARASEK, MATTHEW AZ 440-669-3664
Intermediate Judge KNOWLES, EDDIE FL 850-668-7563
Probationary Judge LAPERRIERE, MONIQUE NJ 609-805-9068
Probationary Judge LANTING, FRED AL 256-498-3319
Intermediate Judge LATSHA, ROBERT PA 717-469-1107
LEIST, JERRY OH 614-829-7716
LORENSEN, TONIA NY 518-353-1535
 Senior Judge LUCKMAN, DIXIE TN 901-422-5818
MANCERA, TONY IL 815-626-6842
Senior Judge MATTHEWS, DON GA 706-377-3381
Senior Judge MILLER, LEMUEL FL 352-569-9350
  MCLEAN, SUSAN NC 828-400-6229
Probationary Judge MITCHELL, TARYNA PA 704-975-2088
MOE, PATRICIA (TRISH) IL 217-690-1000
Probationary Judge MIMS. PATTIE NC 919-302--2508
MURPHY, GLENN KY 270-405-1450
Probationary Judge NEGRON, JAVIER FL  
Probationary Judge NIELSEN, KELLY FL 803-464-8682
OLIVA, LUCILLANO CA 916-394-9537
Senior Judge PARKER, ART SC 803-789-5153
POWELL, BELINDA "KAT" FL 352-443-9257
Probationary Judge REISS, CHRISSIE MO 314-610-5071
ROBERTS, RENEE SC 843-504-6301
Intermediate Judge ROBERTS, SCOTT SC 843-504-5970
Senior Judge SCOTT, ALAN AL 256-997-7322
  SHOOK, MAGGIE NC 704-650-8743
Probationary Judge SLATER, BEN FL  
STOVER, RAYBURN AL 256-593-5101
Senior Judge THOMPSON, CHRIS SC 843-457-7564
VAUGHN, SEAMUS NE 402-707-3571
WALLS, DAMON TN 615-826-4551
WIEGAND, KEVIN IL 815-985-2842
WHEELER, MARY FL 813-956-2108
WILLIAMS, RONALD FL 850-593-6794
Probationary Judge ST ONGE, PHIL  CANADA  
Probationary Judge SOUCHON, LAURENT CANADA  
  BUTLER, ANDREW ENGLAND 011-44-1623-823744
  MILNES, WAYNE ENGLNAD 001-44-07855-820432
NEWBURY, SUE ASHLEY ENGLAND 011-44-01777-248695
LIMB, CRAIG ENGLAND 011-44-07949497493
Probationary Judge WARD, BRON UNITED KINGDOM 011-44-07715-454270
Probationary Judge AUTIO, UKKA FINLAND  
GEROLD, DIRK GERMANY 011-49-7264-205895
KLEIN, MICHAEL GERMANY 001-49-6875-215-0000
Probationary Judge OCHS, OLIVER GERMANY 011-49-1714800164
Probationary Judge SCHMOHL, DENISE GERMANY 011-49-6875-215-0000
Intermediate Judge SONN, TORSTEN GERMANY 011-49-6842-536710
KING, ROY SCOTLAND 011-44-7810-485952
  BJURLING, ROBERT SWEDEN 011-46-702-272-578