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The Finish Feist

Breed Standards for Finish Feist (Red Finish Feist)

General Appearance and Coat
Well balanced, both short and long coat acceptable. Sturdy muscular built and show a genuine hunting and loyal spirit.

Head and Neck (Teeth, Muzzle, Ear and Eyes)
Head should be muscular, ears should be straight or pricked, cocked ears are acceptable. (FLOPPED

Muzzle should be short and keen; Neck should be short and muscular.
Teeth should meet without little to no under bite or over bite.
Eyes alert and watchful.

Special Characteristics of Breed.
Finish Feist (Red Finish Feist) should appear very alert, well uniform and eager to please. Primary color should be Red or Brown or a variation. Tan, lemon, or yellow. White trim will also be acceptable.
Height Standards for males and females are up to 20 inches.
Weight should not exceed 35 lbs but should not be considered a part of breed Standards as conditioning and proper diet is the owner/handles responsibility.
Tail can be either Bob or long but bobbed is preferred.
Dogs should be virtually silent on tack but limited location barking would be acceptable.