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Silky Terrier

Breed Standards for the Silky Terrier

General Appearance: A miniature version of a working terrier, and as such retains the essential features of a vermin hunter. It is somewhat longer than tall, and though of refined bone, it should nonetheless have sufficient strength and substance to suggest that it could kill small rodents.

Head: Small, almond-shaped eyes; Flat skull with shallow stop; Small, V-shaped, erect ears

Tail: Docked tail carried high

Color: Blue and tan

Size: Weight: 8-11 lb; Height: 9-10”

Coat: The straight, single coat is silky and glossy, following the body outline rather than falling to the floor.

Gait: The gait is free and light-footed

Temperament: It is bold, feisty, inquisitive, and playful, ever ready for action.

Silky Terrier