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Official NKC Breed Standards for the Plott hound: Revised Jan. 1, 1998

The Plott Mound Breed standards were adopted by NKC after studying desired standards by the hunters of Plotts in hope that these standards will help breeders and show judges to select dogs that best meet the desired standards. It is hoped that breeders will work to make the Plott Hound a very uniform dog.

General Appearance and Coat Points 10

A true hound has an appearance with colors of different shades of brindle. Shades of Brindle accepted are black brindle: red brindle: yellow brindle: tan brindle: brown brindle: and grey or blue brindle.

The coat should be fine to medium coarse giving a smooth glossy appearance. Some white on chest or feet permissible.

Head and Neck (teeth, jaws, muzzle, ears & eyes) Points 15

Head carried well up with medium flat dome, eyes moderately wide colored brown to hazel with no drooping, medium length ears set moderately high with no erectile power, muzzle of medium length but not square, neck well proportioned showing strength, scissor teeth preferred with even bite acceptable.

Front Quarters (chest, shoulders, front feet & legs) Points 15

Chest moderately wide but deep with good lung space: shoulders should be muscular and sloping to show endurance & speed: Front Legs smooth, straight at knees and in line with upper leg, with feet rounded cat foot, well padded and set directly under leg.

Hind Quarters (hips, back, back feet & legs) Points 15

Smooth well rounded wide flanks arched with muscular quarters & loins: back slightly arched but not roached showing muscular & strong: Hind legs strong & muscular above hock, showing grace and strength, slightly bent at hocks, but no cow hock, showing speed & strength, with well padded feet directly under leg.

Special Characteristics of breed Points 15

A strong, muscular hound, slightly higher at shoulders than at hips. With a broad deep chest, preferred color is brindle (several shades) small amount of white on chest or feet acceptable, also black with brindle trim. Males 22 to 27 inches at shoulder and females 20 to 25 inches. Males weighing from 50 to 75 pounds and females 40 to 65 pounds. Voice should be a clear bawl shop & chop.

Plott hound
Plott hound