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Official NKC English Coonhound Standards

Official NKC English Coonhound Standards

The English Coonhound standard has been revised (1994) for the purpose of helping judges select the best dogs at shows, and to help breeders select the better dogs for their breeding programs. Following the standards will enable English breeders to develop a more uniform dog in appearance and performance. Dogs will be evaluated on the following;

General Appearance and Coat 10

A true hound appearance of any hound colors but redtick, bluetick, bspotted with ticks is preferred. Coat should be short, glossy and thick enough to offer protection from briars and weather. No scars from accident or hunting to count against dog in shows.

Head and Neck (teeth, jaws, muzzle, eyes, and ears) 15

Head should be broad and slightly domed. Neck should rise stately from shoulders with a slight taper toward the head. Muzzle of good length, nostrils wide apart, Jaws strong and well formed, eyes bright dark brown or black. Yellow or light eyes a fault. Ears are to hang moderately low, fine textured, and nearly to end of nose.

Front Quarters (chest, shoulders, front feet and legs) 15

Chest should be moderately broad and deep to ensure adequate lung space. Shoulders well proportioned, showing good muscles, tapering into well built strong and straight legs. Feet should be catlike and well padded. Dog should stand well on feet. Cow hocked, splay footed appearance is a major fault.

Hind Quarters (hips, back, back feet and legs, and tail) 15

Hips well muscled, tapering into strong straight legs, with strong catlike feet. Feet should be well padded and straight indicating speed and strength. Tail to be carried Gaily and high of medium size and length never cooked or rat tailed.

Special Characteristics of Breed 15

A strong muscular hound slightly higher at shoulder than hips with a broad deep chest. Preferred colors of red tick, blue tick, or spotted with ticks. Solid black, red, and brindle acceptable but not to desired. Voice should be a long hound bawl or chop. Males should be 22-27 inches tall and weighing between 50-75 lbs.; at hunting weight. Females should be 21-26 inches tall and weight between 45-65 lbs. A dog a little over or under these heights and weights is not to be penalized, if well proportioned.

Gait and Movement 15

The English Coonhound should appear racy slowing speed, strength, and endurance. An awkward or jerky movement is a serious fault. This hound is designated for long hours of hunting. Any weakness in Gait and Movement should be considered undesirable.

Temperament 15

The English Coonhound should appear happy and loveable. He should show boldness and trust for owner. Fighting or extreme shyness is a major fault. This dog is designed to hunt with other dogs. Any indication of wanting to fight on leash, in box, or on tree, is a serious fault.

—————Total 100