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Majestic Tree Hound

Breed Standards for the Majestic Tree Hound

General Character:

The Majestic Tree hound is a very powerful built hound and stands over more ground than is usual with most other hounds.


Female: 24.5” to 30”
Male: 26” to 30”
The greater height is preferred, provided that character and quality are also combined.


Adult females in fair condition – 75 to 100 lbs
Adult males in fair condition – 80 to 110 lbs


The expression is noble and dignified and characterized by solemnity, wisdom, and power.


Extremely affectionate, neither quarrelsome with companions nor with other dogs, and is equally sensitive to kindness or correction by his master.


The head is narrow in proportion to its length, and long in proportion to the body, tapering but slightly from the temples to the end of the muzzle the length from the end of the nose to stop (midway between the eyes) should not be less than that from stop to back of peak on top of head.


The foreface is long, deep, and of even width throughout, with square outline when seen in profile.


The eyes are sunk and correspond with the general tone of color of the animal.


The ears are thin and soft to the touch, extremely long, set very low, and fall in graceful folds, the lower part curling inwards and backwards. Minimum earage for female is 23”, for males 24”.


The nostrils are large and open.

Lips, Flew, and Dewlap:

In from the lips fall squarely, making a right angle with the upper line of the foreface; from behind they form deep hanging flews, and, being continued into folds of loose skin about the neck, constitute the dewlap. These characteristics are found, though in a lesser degree, in the female.

Neck, Shoulders, and Chest:

The neck is long, the shoulders muscular and well slopped backwards; the ribs are well sprung; and the chest well let down between the forelegs, forming a deep keel.

Legs and Feet:

The forelegs are straight and large in bone, with elbows squarely set; the feet strong and well knuckled up; the thighs and second thighs are very muscular; the hocks well bent and let down and squarely set.

Back and Loin:

The back and loins are strong, the loins deep and slightly arched.


The stern is long and tapering, and set rather high, with some hair underneath.


The gait is elastic, swinging, and free; the stern being carried high, but not too much curled over the back.


Andy color or combination of colors is permissible. Preference is toward character and quality instead of color.


Rather short, but very thick and dense to withstand rough conditions.