National Kennel Club History

Since 1969 the National Kennel Club (NKC) has operated to help dog owners register any purebred dog. The NKC has been fair and impartial to all breeders, dog owners, and the various breeds. With the NKC rare breeds may be shown with equal status as well as the major breeds. The NKC licenses all-breed dog shows, events for Coon dogs, Beagles, Squirrel dogs, Bird dogs, Fox dogs, licensed dog kennels, show judges, and other dog related events.

General Purpose:

  • To improve breeding of purebred dogs of all breeds establishing a stud file of all dogs registered with NKC, by encouragement to breeders to use only the best conformation and temperament in their breeding program.
  • To promote competition in various fields of dog-oriented activities in a friendly sporting atmosphere.
  • To better canine life by making owners aware of the new ideas in dog care.
  • To encourage registration of all purebred dogs so that ancestry and traits both desirable and undesirable can be identified.
  • To encourage dog owners to learn better methods of care, feeding, and training of dogs.
  • To promote enjoyment of leisure time in association with dogs and dog activities.
  • To promote conservation of our natural resources through combined efforts by dog clubs.
  • By restocking game birds and animals where unwise acts have reduced their numbers below desired levels.
  • Protection of animals against poachers and greedy hunters.
  • Stimulate hunting for pleasure and champion points instead of hides of animals.
  • Educate the public to respect and appreciate the efforts of the state game and fish commissions.


  • As the name implies, National Kennel Club is National in scope in that registrations, rules, shows, awards, etc. are uniform in all states of the United States.
  • Statewide organizations will enable a closer approach to show, etc. It is anticipated that state championship shows will afford a closer look at the best dogs. State clubs will be formed from memberships of local clubs.
  • Local clubs will serve to inform the membership of local news as well as state or national. Local clubs may sponsor shows and other events licenses by NKC Local clubs will operate by their own by-laws.
    A board of advisers consisting of persons knowledgeable of dogs to be appointed to serve for a period of time acceptable by both the applicant and NKC Either party may sever relationship at any time without statement of reason. Advisors to serve at the discretion of the secretary of NKC Without pay unless by written agreement.
  • Rules committee to be made of persons appointed by the secretary of NKC to study rules and suggest new ones or changes in existing rules. This committee will make recommendations only, and will meet at the call of the secretary to study any suggestions from the membership.
  • Any other committees deemed advisable by the secretary to be appointed for a specific purpose and length of time.