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Golden Retriever

Standards for the Golden Retriever

General Appearance-A sturdy, muscular, symmetrical build with an eager yet loyal and gentle expression

Head- The broad skull had a well defined stop. The muzzle is straight in profile, being wider at the stop than the tip. The ears are set just above or level with the eye and well back; being carried close to the cheek. The dark rimmed, dark eyes are set deep and well apart. The mouth has a scissors bite.

Body- Well balanced, strong and level backline with a well developed deep chest. Both the forelegs and hind legs are straight as well as muscular and strong. The neck is medium to long length with a sturdy look. The well set on tail is carried level with the back, neither curling nor arching over the back.

Color-Gold except for a few white hairs on the chest, (or graying from age) the dense undercoat with it’s long, wavy, water-resistant…. Over coat can be various shades of rich golden tones with lighter feathering. The nose as well as the eye rims should be dark.

Size- Females: 21.5-22.5 inches // 60-70 pounds

Males: 23-24 inches // 65-75 pounds

Temperament-This trustworthy, friendly and dependable animal makes an excellent family dog as it is patient and very tolerant of children. Much like children, this dog is energetic and benefits from a goodly amount of exercise. This dog’s love of water, acute sense of smell and natural retrieval instincts make it a favorite among sports people.