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Standards for the German Shepherd

General Appearance – Medium in size. Strong, regal, alert, and intelligent stance

Head- The skull is broad with strong clean-out facial features giving it a look of nobility. The ears are set high and held erect when alert. The ears are medium in size, slightly pointed and open toward the front. The ears are never docked. The almond shaped dark brown/ black eyes are set rather diagonally. The top line of the long, strong muzzle is parallel with the skull’s top line. The jaws are very powerful with well developed teeth in a scissors bite.

Body- This dog is longer than tall. The back is straight; the chest is set deep with well sprung ribs. The hindquarters slope with strong powerful thighs. The forelegs are straight with oval as opposed to round bones. The feet are rounded and compact, dewclaws should be removed. The bushy low set tail is of medium length. The saber-like curl at the tip of the tail is accentuated and the tail is raised when the dog is in motion or excited….

Color- The coarse and dense outer coat of medium length, with a thick undercoat, varies in color. The rich, vibrant colors are the most desirable. White is an unacceptable color and will disqualify the dog in the show. The nose and short nails are black.

Size- Females: 22-24 inches // 65-70 pounds Males: 24-26 inches // 80-85 pounds

Temperament- This animal has an amazing ability to comprehend, retain and perform a variety of specialized functions, thus making it an excellent service oriented companion breed. Not only is this dog used as an aid to the blind, it serves in both the private sector and the military as guard / pursuit dogs; as they have a great sense of smell. While this dog makes for a wonderful affectionate, loyal, and obedient family pet; it is very active both mentally and physically, so benefits greatly from training and lots of attention from its owner / handler.