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Bringing home a new puppy and enjoying their playfulness and energy is exciting! In addition to being fun to play with and take care of, a new puppy can become a loving companion that you and the members of your family will grow fond of and shelter in your home for many years to come. But at the National Kennel Club, we recognize that becoming the owner of a new puppy means you need to do more than just supply it with food, water, a bed, and some toys.

Puppy Registry in Blaine, Tennessee

If you have a purebred puppy, one thing you need to do is register your new furry friend and add it to our puppy registry. We currently maintain a comprehensive puppy registry and accept all breeds of dogs. This is something not all kennel clubs will do, and this is something that sets us and our puppy registry apart.

About our Purebred Dog/Puppy Registration

Why should you add your new dog to our puppy registry? For starters, as a purebred dog owner, you likely want to preserve your new puppy’s bloodline. By registering your dog, you can obtain proof of your puppy’s purebred status. Our registry will keep a record of your puppy’s pedigree, which allows you to trace the ancestry of your puppy back to other dogs.

And when you add your puppy to our registry, you can qualify your puppy to compete in many dog-related competitions, events, and shows in Blaine, Tennessee and beyond. Lastly, when you add your dog to our puppy registry, you help to promote proper breeding practices and maintain them.

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Everything You Need to Know About Registering Your Dog

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