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Register your new puppy with us.

There is nothing quite as fun and exciting as getting a new puppy! Dogs are cuddly, playful, and fun, and if you have a puppy, you can look forward to many years of companionship and fun from your pet. However, there are many things you need to take care of after getting a new puppy, and one of these tasks is completing the puppy registration process.

Puppy Registration in Blaine, Tennessee

At the National Kennel Club, we recommend completing the puppy registration process if you have purchased a purebred dog. Our comprehensive registry promotes the proper breeding of purebred dogs, and we have been in operation since 1964. Over the years, we have risen to the top as a premier registry option in the world of show dogs and canine registries.

If you want to move forward with the puppy registration process here in the Blaine, Tennessee area, you will need the paperwork provided by your breeder. Fill out the back of this paperwork with the name of your new puppy as well as your information. After completing this paperwork, our team will process it, and you will receive a new certificate in the mail with your name and the name of your puppy listed on it.

Even if you have already added your puppy to another registry, you can add it to ours, too. For more information about the puppy registration process and why you should register your dog with us, contact us today.

Puppy Registration
Puppy Registration in Tennessee