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Bull Mastiff

Standards for the Bull Mastiff

General Appearance:

Symmetrical build with an alert, powerful stance.


Large, square skull with the ears set high, wide and level with occiput and cheeks. The forehead is flat with a moderate stop. Dark eyes are set with muzzle width apart with furrows in between. Black nose, wide nostrils and a dark mask


Solid deep broad chest with the ribs well sprung. The back is short and level. The forelegs are muscular, straight, and set wide apart. The wide set muscular lions have a well developed 2nd thigh.


Short dense coat of fawn or brindle, with the exception of a small white crest on chest the color white is undesirable.


Females: 24 to 26 inches //100 to 120 pounds
Males: 25 to 27 inches // 110 to 130 pounds


This dog of the mastiff group hails from Northern England. It was originally breed as a gamekeepers assistant, to ward off, and-or stay poachers; by crossing he Bulldog and the Mastiff. It’s territorial nature, coupled with its calm intellect; makes for a loyal family protector and companion.

Bull Mastiff