Understanding the Importance of a Purebred Registry [infographic]

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At National Kennel Club, we offer a purebred registry to maintain accurate records and preserve sporting events and breeding for purebred dogs.

Understanding the Importance of a Purebred Registry

Our purebred registry helps protect pedigree in many ways, including the following:

• Preservation of Records. A purebred registry’s main job is to keep complete and correct records of each animal’s bloodline. This data includes their family tree, birthdates, parents, and more. These records are like a historical archive because they show breeders how an animal came to be by going back many generations.

• Breed Standard Maintenance. Things like coat color, size, temperament, and conformation are maintained within our purebred registry. This information helps breeders make sure each generation keeps the unique traits that make a breed special.

• Standards for Shows and Competitions. Our organization also sanctions purebred sporting events, allowing your four-legged friend to compete and for you to gain valuable feedback on how well they meet the breed standard. Titles and awards that might be won at these events can help a breeder and their animals’ image. In addition to the all-breed dog shows that we sanction, we also have events for squirrel dogs, beagles, and more.

Understanding the Importance of a Purebred Registry

Our purebred registry is essential for maintaining accurate records, setting and upholding breed standards, and supporting efforts to improve breeds. We are an established organization, offering tools and support since 1946 for countless dog owners and breeders. We register all types of purebred dogs, even if your dog is on another registry. To find out more about us and our mission, contact us today.