Key Differences Between English and American Bulldogs

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Our team at the National Kennel Club has extensive experience in working with dogs and their owners, and we have the right knowledge to identify various dog breeds. Correctly identifying a dog’s breed can be tricky because many breeds have similar names. For example, in our experience, many people get English and American bulldogs confused with one another.

Key Differences Between English and American Bulldogs

To help correct this confusion, we have put together this article to explain a few of the key differences between these two types of bulldogs.

  1. Size – One factor which sets American bulldogs apart from their English counterparts is their size. American bulldogs are larger than English ones. American bulldogs can weigh anywhere from 60 to 130 pounds, and their height ranges between 20 to 28 inches at the shoulder. In contrast, English bulldogs are much lighter at just 40 to 50 pounds, and their shoulder height caps out at just 15 inches.
  2. Head and Jaws – Another area where you will find differences between English and American bulldogs is the shapes of their heads and jaws. English bulldogs are known for having wide, rounded heads, short (almost flat) muzzles, and signature wrinkles and folds around the face. American bulldogs, on the other hand, have longer muzzles and powerful jaws, and they lack the abundant wrinkles of their English counterparts.
  3. Temperament – English and American bulldogs also have significant differences in temperament and personality (although individual dogs can vary quite a bit within breeds). American bulldogs tend to be more energetic than English ones, requiring more active exercise and play. In addition, they are generally more territorial, while English bulldogs tend to be more relaxed around people and other dogs.