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Basset Hound

Standards for the Basset Hound

General Appearance:

As the French word “Basset” indicates these hounds are very “low set”. They appear to be very melancholy and lackadaisical.


The head is large yet well proportioned, having a dome-shape with a pronounced occipital. The loose skin of the head will fall in distinct wrinkles over the brow when the head is lowered. The sad, soft, droopy eyes, revealing the pink of the lower lids are brown to dark brown. The soft velvety long ears are set low and well back. The nose has wide-open nostrils and is darkly pigmented. The mouth has long droopy upper lips that fall squarely.


The body has a long barrel shape to it. The hindquarters are approximately the same width as the shoulders and well rounded. The short, stocky but sturdy legs have loose wrinkled skin. The feet are well knuckled and broad. The long and tapered undocked tail will be carried with an upward curl (hound fashion) when on the move.


The short close smooth coat can be black, tan, white, lemon, or any combination of the hound colors. The skin itself will be loose and pliable.


Females: 13-14 inches // 50 pounds

Males: 13-14 inches // 50 pounds


As previously mentioned, although they have a rather melancholy look, they are actually very social, lively and good-natured animals. They not only need love but indeed need lots of exercise so as not to become overweight and arthritic as they age. With its keen sense of smell, determination, and stamina; this hound makes an earnest hunter in the field.

Basset Hound